Children's GhostwriterHi, there! Welcome to my children’s freelance writing and ghostwriting site. Since, I know you’re on this page to learn a bit about me, let me jump right in.

I live in Long Island, after living in NYC most of my life. I hope to one day move onto the main land of the USA! That’s another story though.

I’m a mother to two girls (they’re adults, but they’ll always be my girls), grandmother to three rough and tumble boys (five to fifteen), and a wife. Oh, and grandmother to a hyper-crazy, bronco-jumping bernedoodle.

Okay, back to more pertinent information about me.

I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of Writers on the Move, a writing and marketing group of writers and authors, and my now deleted blog Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing was honored as Writer’s Digest Website of the Week, June 25, 2012.

Along with this honor, Brian A. Klems, online editor for Writer’s Digest, added a wonderful comment: “This site from Karen Cioffi should stand as a model for other freelance writers.”

As a professional writer and author, I have five books published in my own name, and I have years of experience ghostwriting and rewriting children’s books (300+). I’m a former lead editor with 4RV Publishing and former staff writer for two online reading comprehension learning centers.

In addition to this, my clients cover the globe: Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Scotland, Saipan, Jordon, the Philippines, MACAU, Vietnam, and across the United States, including Hawaii. A number of these clients have been series clients and return clients. And, I’ve worked with child psychologists, therapists, professors, principals, teachers, parents, grandparents, business owners, and even a dentist.

Along with writing, I’m an author online platform instructor with WOW! Women on Writing. I teach how to build an author platform and how to blog to bring visibility to authors and their books.

You can check out my published books:

Walking Through Walls (a children’s middle-grade fantasy adventure, set in 16th century China – Children’s Literary Classics 2012 Silver Award)

The Case of the Plastic Rings – The Adventures of Planetman (a children’s fantasy picture book with three superheros working to protect our planet)

The Case of the Stranded Bear – The Adventures of Planetman (a children’s fantasy picture book with three superheros working to save a stranded cub on an ice pack)

Day’s End Lullaby (children’s rhyming bedtime story, with original lullaby and sheet music)

How to Write a Children’s Fiction Book (a 200-page book on writing for children. Click the link to see all it has to offer)

And, there’s more to come. The third in the Planetman series should be available for sale by the beginning of 2022. I’ll list the titles as they’re published.

I’ve helped writers go the traditional route and self-publish. One client received interest in a sponsorship with MADD for a children’s picture book I rewrote. Another got interest in her self-published book from one of the Big publishers.

Another client who self-published was contacted by a ‘big’ publisher. They liked her book and want her to write another book with a specific theme. I’m working on that now.

From my fiction writing experience, I now offer a DIY book to help wannabe children’s writers get going and follow through to completion:

How to Write a Children’s Fiction Book

Writer your own children's book!

In regard to my memberships, they include:

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
Association of Ghostwriters
National Association of Independent Writers and Editors
Professional Writers Alliance

If you need a children’s writer, you’re in the right place.

Check out the writing team

As my writing services is growing, I’ve decided to add two top writers to collaborate with thus creating one powerful team. I will be a writing part of all projects, if not the sole writer, and I will be in control of all projects. The writing excellence expected and delivered these past, 10 years is still guaranteed. And, I will still be the one you communicate with. The only difference is I won’t have to turn away clients.

To see who’s on board click: Children’s Ghostwriting Team.

Email me at kcioffiventrice – @- gmail.com
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In a rush? You can call me at 347—834—6700.

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