Barnes and Noble Press – Another Self-Publishing Option

I usually only post here once a week, but this is interesting news.

There’s now a Barnes & Noble Press (a self-publishing suite).

I guess it’s their take on Amazon’s KDP.

When I first heard about it, I was thrilled, especially since Createspace is getting rid of their author services. But, I’m not quite sure if it will be similar.

With B&N, you can upload your manuscript in a Word doc format, fill out the vendor information forms, and they will publish it into an e-book.

They say that within 72 hours or less, your e-book will be available for sale at and “all Nook reading devices and apps.”

It is a little more involved if you want a POD book in that you, as far as I can make out, will need to “prep your manuscript files, upload your interior page” as well as upload the front and back covers.

This is what a lot of authors need help with – formatting the manuscript and the rest of the book in order to upload it for printing. If you don’t get it right, the book won’t print right. It won’t look professional.

I wish they were more explicit in their promo as to whether they offer author services. They do mention a suite of tools rather than a suite of services, so I’m not sure. But, it’s probably a DIY thing.

If you’d like more information on the topic, go to:

It seems they’re just getting in on the game, but if you want an e-book, it’s another self-publishing option.

I’m beginning to believe that if you’re a writer of picture books and want to self-publish a quality book, you need an illustrator, a service or individual to format the book for publishing, and a publishing company, like Createspace or IngramSpark to turn it into a physical book or e-book.

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