So, you’ve written a children’s book. But, you know it’s in no condition to submit to publishers or agents, or even self-publish. What do you do?

Simple: You hire a ghostwriting rewriter.

A rewriter will take what you’ve written and put it through a ‘wash and dry’ cycle. In other words, she will spin it into a readable, engaging, and publishable book.

One of my clients, Tanesha Hopson, put it best:

Oh, you are so good at what you do. You used my words, turned them all around and the transition from conversation to action is so smooth. I am so amazed! My meaning is still being conveyed only stronger than I ever could of imagined or could have done. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so pleased!”

That’s what rewriting is all about. It keeps your idea, the essence of your story (manuscript), but makes it better. It becomes something you couldn’t have imagined!

Rewriting is kind of like substantive editing. It covers everything.

I’m a professional children’s writer and know the dos and don’ts of writing for children – I know the tricks of the trade. And, I’m a working editor. I know how to turn a mess into a publishable book that you’ll be proud to author.

Let me take your story for a ‘spin.’

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Please note: Rewriting is different than ghostwriting:
Rewriting is done from the author’s manuscript.
Ghostwriting is taking an idea and/or outline/draft/notes and turning them into a publishable story.

As with ghostwriting, there are lots of factors taken into account in order to quote a price. It depends on the genre, the condition of the manuscript, the word count, and if any research is needed.

To give you an idea though, picture book manuscripts start at $495 for under 1000 words. If major rewriting is involved, the fee starts at $645.

Chapter book manuscripts are about $0.20 per word with a minimum of 5,000 words (up to 15,000 words).

Middle grade manuscripts start at $0.20 per word.

Again, the fee is based on the condition of your manuscript and the amount of review and/or research involved.

– Manuscripts that are in very poor condition will be at ghostwriting fees.
– All fees quoted do not include payment fees incurred from payment processing services, like PayPal.

And, please be aware that the fee is higher for rhyming picture books and specialty books, such as fantasy, mysteries, and educational stories. In addition, the fee is higher for rewriting to a different age group.

Also, please be aware that all quoted fees are valid for only 30 days.

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