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If you’re new to the children’s writing arena and are thinking of getting your own children’s book ghostwritten; or if you just want to learn a thing or two about writing for children and ghostwriters, this is the place to be.

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8 Top Fiction Writing Mistakes to Avoid
(Tips on what to avoid when writing fiction.)

10 Tips to Hiring a Children’s Ghostwriter
(Tips on how to decide if a ghostwriter is right for you.)

Working with a Children’s Ghostwriter – The Process
(Tips on what to expect once you decide on a writer.)

Write a Book and Publish It With CreateSpace
(Tips to writing your book and publishing it with CreateSpace.)

Editing Books (and Articles) Like a Pro!
(Tips and tricks to editing your manuscripts.)

Book Marketing 101:
The First Steps in Creating Your Author/Writer Online Platform
(Create a quality product and the basics of book marketing.)

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