Make Success a Habit with 3 Doable Steps

Tips on achieving writing success.We all fall into the “I don’t think I can” hole now and then. It’s interesting how a lot of writers and people in general have negative thoughts throughout the day:

– I’m tired.
– This is too hard.
– I don’t have enough time.
– I’m not good enough.
– This is overwhelming.
– I have too many obligation/distractions.
– I’m always sick.

It could even be expressed in other ways:

– I wish I wasn’t so tired.
– I wish this wasn’t so hard.
– I wish I had more time.
– I wish I was good enough.

You get the idea.

I’m not sure how or why these thoughts seep into our subconscious and even into our consciousness, but they do. And, often, they stop us from being successful, from reaching your potential.

Writing coach, Suzanne Lieurance has some tips on how to get past the negatives and move forward toward writing success.

Making Success A Habit
By Suzanne Lieurance

If you aren’t as successful as you’d like to be, you simply have not made success a habit – so try this:

1. Create one goal that you’d like to reach.

Make this goal very clear and concise, so you know exactly what you want to achieve. You may have other goals. But right now, focus only on this one major goal. Write it down on an index card. Carry that card with your everywhere, so you’re constantly reminded of what you want to achieve.

2. Start thinking ONLY of what you want (your goal).

Let go of any reasons why you can’t reach your goal. Instead, think of all the reasons you can be successful at reaching this one goal.

Most people talk themselves out of their goals before they ever take consistent action. If you notice you’re starting to do that, replace any negative thoughts with positive thoughts about reaching your goal.
It may take a while, but eventually positive thinking about your goal will become a habit. And we all know, we get what we think about. Think about success, so that is what you will get.

3. Take consistent action to reach your goal.

Do you want to be a best-selling author? Then start writing your first or next novel. Don’t worry about finding an agent or publisher for it right now. Just write it! If you’ve written a novel and can’t seem to find an agent or publisher for it, start writing another novel. Many best-selling authors wrote many novels before they made their first sale to an agent or editor.

Do you want to build a successful freelance writing career? Then find at least one new client or assignment by the end of this week (you can do it if you are determined).

People who are successful at one thing tend to be successful at many things. That’s because they make success a habit.

You can make success a habit, too.

Try it!

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